How many calories in yoghurt white Natura Zott

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yoghurt white Natura Zott contains

Food content

Zott natura product contains only milk, milk powder, milk protein and yogurt culture. Milk which is the basic material for the production of the product and is a rich source of (among others) are well absorbable calcium. Zott natura yoghurt belongs to products with a fat content of 3% and is therefore also useful for reducing diet.

Health Impact

Contained calcium is important for our bones, teeth and nails and prevents osteoporosis. Calcium is also important for children and adolescents as they grow and develop.

Practical advice

suitably supplemented yogurt (fruit, nuts, seeds, cereals, honey, wholemeal bread etc.) is useful as a hearty breakfast or brunch. From yogurt can also be prepared by a variety of milkshakes, is added to salad dressings, for marinating meat or is used in baking (excellent as yogurt cake dough). The taste of these dishes is very soft and delicious.

Nutritional values: yoghurt white Natura Zott


Calorie chart

Calorie chart

Calorie chart

yoghurt white Natura Zott contains vitamine

yoghurt white Natura Zott contains mineral

yoghurt white Natura Zott contains positive

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