rural yogurt chocolate Hollandia

Brand: Hollandia

Food contains

Food content

The main component of common chocolate yoghurt Hollandia milk. Further comprises a flavoring component, and a yoghurt culture probiotic Bifidobacterium BB12 and Lactobacillus acidophilus LA5. It has a high content of milk proteins and is a good source of calcium and vitamin D. Other agents include fluorine, phosphorus, and vitamin A and vitamins of group B.

Health Impact

Vitamin D and calcium is important for maintaining strong bones and healthy teeth. Protein provides the body with essential amino acids needed to build muscle and other structures. Good bacteria can positively affect constipation, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease or syndrome, infection pylori and even of lactose intolerance. Yogurt consumption is associated with reduced risk of colon cancer, since the consumption of such foods is beneficial for improving the immune response.

Practical advice

It can be eaten alone or added to fruit salads, muesli, cakes, pies, and other desserts.

Nutritional values Compare

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