How many calories in cottage cheese Pilos

cottage cheese Pilos

cottage cheese Pilos contains

Food content

Cottage cheese is a natural Pilos unripened cheese in cream. Its composition is simple, consisting only of cottage cheese, cream and salt. It contains a large amount of protein, especially vitamins of group B and minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus important.

Health Impact

Proteins are essential for growth and revitalization of bones, muscles, hair and nails. They are necessary for generating antibodies. Calcium is essential for bone, for muscle contraction and blood clotting. It supports proper function of the heart, lowers blood cholesterol levels and act as a prevention against colon cancer. Lactic acid bacteria have a positive effect on digestion.

Practical advice

Cottage without flavor can be added to sweet and savory dishes or just eat it alone or with bread.

Nutritional values: cottage cheese Pilos


Calorie chart

Calorie chart

Calorie chart

Calorie chart

cottage cheese Pilos contains vitamine

cottage cheese Pilos contains positive

cottage cheese Pilos contains mineral

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