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tofu with basil Lunter

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tofu with basil Lunter contains

Food content

The basic raw material for tofu is a soy beverage made from soybeans. The precipitated rennet different (using sea salt nigari or gypsum), and soy proteins are allowed to clot. It has a high protein content of unsaturated fatty acids and fiber. It is an excellent source of calcium and a very good source of manganese, copper, selenium, phosphorus, and protein, including omega-3 fatty acids, iron, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B1. The tofu product obtained their aromatic flavor incorporating basil leaves.

Health Impact

Tofu has all the health benefits of soy. It contributes to the reduction of blood cholesterol levels, have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, are a source of quality protein, are effective in the prevention of certain cancers and positive effect for osteoporosis They are suitable for people who have problems with dairy products.

Practical advice

It is used mainly in Asian cuisine, prepared with sweet and savory dishes, often added to soups, salads, desserts. Thanks to the high content of protein, it can be used as a substitute for meat.

Nutritional values: tofu with basil Lunter


tofu with basil Lunter (1 g) contain(s) 0 grams of sugar, 120 milligram(s) of protein, 80 milligram(s) of fat, 0 grams of fiber and 0 grams of carbohydrate. There are 1.1kcal in (1 g) which can be burnt by a 8.1 second(s) of Jogging, 9.4 second(s) of Cycling, 10.4 second(s) of Swimming, 11.6 second(s) of Walking, 13.8 second(s) of Shopping, 14.2 second(s) of Yoga or 22.8 second(s) of Cleaning

Calorie chart

tofu with basil Lunter (pack (180 g)) contain(s) 900 milligram(s) of sugar, 22 gram(s) of protein, 14 gram(s) of fat, 0 grams of fiber and 900 milligram(s) of carbohydrate. There are 218.0kcal in (pack (180 g)) which can be burnt by a 27 minute(s) of Jogging, 31 minute(s) of Cycling, 34 minute(s) of Swimming, 38 minute(s) of Walking, 45 minute(s) of Shopping, 47 minute(s) of Yoga or 75 minute(s) of Cleaning

Calorie chart

tofu with basil Lunter contains mineral

tofu with basil Lunter contains vitamine

tofu with basil Lunter contains positive

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