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soy sauce product by Vitany is composed of water, soy hydrolyzate, salts (max.18%), table wine, sugar, vinegar, flavor enhancers and flavor (E621, E631 and E627), coloring E150d, yeast extract, chilli extract, plum (plum, apple pectin, citric acid), tomato puree, flavors, spice mixes and garlic extract.

Health Impact

consumption "chemical" soy sauce to our health does not bring anything positive, quite the contrary (see below). E621 - Sodium L-glutamate - a substance that are detected by neurotoxic properties. It is dangerous for healthy brain development of children from the embryonic stage through infant to school age about 12 years. As "Chinese restaurant syndrome" symptoms have been reported after ingestion of food with glutamate: vomiting, water retention, stiff muscles, neck numbness, palpitations, dizziness, headache, cold sweat and others. Furthermore, it was found that suppresses the hormones that affect fat burning, and thus causes obesity. Some studies have suggested a possible link ingested glutamate to Alzheimer's disease and diabetes. Have been reported mood swings, irritability, depression, sleep disturbances, drug addiction and found reduced fertility in both sexes. Glutamate consumption should be avoided especially pregnant and lactating women, children, the elderly, people with vascular disease, diabetes, cancer patients or people sensitive to aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). E631 - sodium Inosinan E627 - sodium guanylate - for these substances have not been clearly proven side effects, but in susceptible individuals can lead to poor tolerability. Inosinany guanylate and can increase the concentration of uric acid in the tissues, blood plasma and urine. People prone to kidney problems, urinary or gout should therefore should avoid this ingredient. Inosinan Sodium is also unsuitable for asthmatics and may cause allergic reactions. Both additives are unsuitable for children. E150d - ammonia sulphite caramel - can circulate in public opinion that this kind of caramels are toxic or carcinogenic. The World Health Organization, however, could not, on the basis of extensive and costly animal studies to prove this hypothesis. Other organization in 2011 published the results of their investigation when they were found in elevated levels of caramel substance 4-methyldimazol. This material is reportedly a potential carcinogen if it is mixed with ammonia. When testing caramel on humans showed up fine loose stools and increased bowel activity.

Practical advice

if you want to use healthy soy sauce, go to the store with a rational diet and choose from a naturally produced products - preferably organic quality. The raw materials from which these sauces are produced, subject to a long-term process of fermentation in wooden barrels. Natural fermentation - or fermentation has many positive effects on the body. They arise when there enzymes that have a beneficial effect on digestion and contribute to a better utilization of nutrients from food. In the production of soy sauce true: there are no dyes, preservatives or flavor enhancers which occur in ordinary soy sauces.

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