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Lucina 200 g contains

Food content

the main ingredient for the manufacture of cottage cheese curd is Lučiny (79.1%) and whey. Is added and a small amount of salts and substances E415 and E417.

Health Impact

agent 415 and E 417 should not cause problems in healthy subjects. This is a xanthan gum and tara, which act as thickeners and stabilizers. Both substances are of natural origin (the source is corn and soybean seeds and plants of Caesalpinia spinosa coming from Peru). This cheese is for its easy digestibility suitable for nutrition of children, the elderly or for patients with sparing diet. I certainly appreciate people with osteoporosis, because it is a good source (not only) of calcium. If you hold a slimming diet, he Lučina cream cheese in your diet also sometimes included. However, it is necessary to think about contained a higher proportion of fat (up about 20% of product) and instead select an amount corresponding to the usual portion of butter or vegetable fat. The product is also suitable for gluten-free diet.

Practical advice

You can delete the meadow cream cheese on bread or pastries, but also fits into pasta, salads or to prepare desserts (custards, ice creams, cakes ....).

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