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Kiri cheese is composed of processed cheese curd, water, butter, milk protein, salt, milk mineral concentrate and the substances E452 – polyphosphates (sodium, potassium and calcium), E341 – calcium phosphates, E331 – E407 sodium citrate and carrageenan.

Health Impact

The nutritional value of processed cheese does not reach the level of natural cheese, as it is produced through heat treatment and the addition of melting salts. Thanks to vitamins, there is a decrease in proteins and an increased content of phosphorus and sodium. Most people tend to use too much salt. With that being said, consumption of processed cheese should be limited or avoided, especially for individuals who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or hypertension. Smaller doses of E452 – polyphosphates (sodium, potassium and calcium) are considered safe, but high doses of these can lead to imbalances in the body associated with calcium deficiency. E341 – calcium phosphates are considered safe substances. E331 – sodium citrate is also considered a safe substance. But the absence of vitamin D can lead to poor absorption of calcium and thus its deficiency in the body. E407 – carrageenan, at normal doses, should be a safe substance without side effects. If you are trying to maintain a healthy diet, choose cheeses with lower fat contents.

Practical advice

You should try to substitute processed cheeses for more natural, fresh cheeses. However, if you must indulge in an unhealthy, soft cheese, choose organic products which do not use melting phosphate salts in their production (they only use the permitted amount of citrate, which is considered a safe substance).

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Calorie chart

Calorie chart

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