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Danone Activia white

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Food content

Activia white product is yoghurt from milk, which must contain at least 10miliónů live microorganisms in 1 gram at the end of consumption. The product is made from milk, milk protein, yoghurt cultures and Bifidus ActiRegularis. Activia white has about 3.5% fat.

Health Impact

Yogurt has beneficial effects on the human gut flora and probiotic foods is important. Activia yoghurt has a high content of fat and no added sugar, which is appreciated by people practicing a healthy lifestyle. Unsweetened yogurt with no added chemicals are suitable part rational, diabetic and weight-loss diet. Quality yoghurt has a beneficial effect on the immune and digestive system.

Practical advice

Yoghurt or other add oat flakes, nuts, fresh fruit, you can add quality and grated chocolate, carob, honey, maple syrup or various other healthy ingredients. Thus it prepared breakfast for a long time to satisfy and provide the body with all materials needed. Activia white can freely mix with cereal, fruit, nuts, seeds, cocoa and honey, prepared from the salad dressings, use it to batter cake or eat it just like that.

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Calorie chart

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Danone Activia white contains positive

Danone Activia white contains mineral

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