Food contains

Food content

It contains a large amount of water (86.2%), vitamins A, B1, B2, C (20.6 mg), followed minerals such as calcium (21 mg), iron (0.7 mg), potassium (190 mg), magnesium ( 17 mg) and phosphorus (14 mg). Bromelain is an important substance that cleans and protects our body. Bromelain is a natural enzyme that aids digestion of proteins to amino acids. Furthermore, fiber, carbohydrates and proteins.

Health Impact

It helps with intestinal disorders and diarrhea, drains and eliminates swelling. It may also assist in dissolving blood clots and is consequently suitable for people prone to heart attacks and thrombosis. When applied to the skin juice helps to remove moles. Contained the enzyme bromelain facilitates protein breakdown. (Interest - feeling tingling lips and oral cavity is due to its ability bromelain naštěpovat poteiny - even human).

Practical advice

Always let ripen at room temperature. Immature contains large amounts of acids that damage tooth enamel. Pineapple juice in sensitive persons may cause skin irritation. Before the juice of a fresh pineapple is especially necessary to protect the eyes. When you are preparing the fruit snacks because children chop the fruit into smaller pieces and only then serve.

Nutritional values Compare

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