How many calories in oatmeal with hazelnuts Emco

oatmeal with hazelnuts Emco

oatmeal with hazelnuts Emco contains

Food content

The base product is whole grain oat flakes, then adding sugar, nonfat dry milk, palm fat, potato starch, hazelnut kernel, salt and aroma.

Health Impact

Consuming highly processed sweetened products containing palm fat is not particularly suitable for patients with a reducing and diabetic diet or those with high blood fats.

Practical advice

Preparation of oatmeal porridge is not time consuming. So do not be lazy and take a few extra minutes to cook a healthy breakfast (snacks). Flakes and dried fruit to soak in advance (you can even at night). The soaking is suitable for water, milk or even rice, soy or nut drink. Instead of sugar, use alternative sweetener (honey, molasses, maple syrup, dried fruit, stevia etc.), Palm fat substitute can be a small amount of virgin coconut oil, which has a positive health impact on our health.

Nutritional values: oatmeal with hazelnuts Emco


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Calorie chart

Calorie chart

Calorie chart

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