How many calories in natural fresh cheese

natural fresh cheese

natural fresh cheese contains

Food content

Fresh cheeses are made from various milk fat content, which comes from different animals (cows, goats, sheep etc.).

Health Impact

Fresh cheeses should become a regular part of rational diet. Weight reduction dial fresh cheese containing less fat.

Practical advice

up fresh natural cheese can add freshly severed herbs (chives, parsley, dill, wild garlic etc.). Offer fresh cheese also for children, the elderly and pregnant or lactating women (mentioned groups need increased amounts of calcium).

Nutritional values: natural fresh cheese


Calorie chart

Calorie chart

Calorie chart

natural fresh cheese contains positive

natural fresh cheese contains mineral

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Cottage cheese natural Milbona pack (200 g) 820 23 6 9 Detail
Edam 45% fat natural cheese pad Bluedino 50 g 714 13 0,7 13 Detail
Jadel natural cheese 50 g 644 13 0,5 11 Detail
President Fresh cheese Natural 100 g 896 5 4 20 Detail
Threads natural cheese portion (50 g) 454 13 0,8 7 Detail
Gran Moravia extra hard natural cheese 15 g 236 5 0,09 4 Detail
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