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Food content

Mozzarella cheese curd from the draft, the original comes from buffalo milk. It is rich in a large number of high-quality protein. Mozzarella light has an additional 10 grams of fat less than classic. Its energy content is not high, contains a large amount of water and calcium. Phosphorus, and sodium salts is very low.

Health Impact

Mozzarella is suitable for diet-saving kidney and liver. Thanks to the low salt content and sodium are then suitable for diets with higher blood pressure. Contained proteins promote muscle growth. Eating mozzarella also increases resistance to tooth decay and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Practical advice

It can be used in hot and cold dishes. It goes well with pasta or pizza is filled using the different meats. It is helpful in salads. It should not be exposed to thermal shocks and should be served cold. The fresh infusion lasts about 3-4 days, gradually loses its flavor and consistency. Remove it from the refrigerator for several hours in advance. If you forgot to remove it beforehand, soak it for about five minutes (even the left) in water at 35 degrees.

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